Monday, November 5th

Math Test tomorrow – review ‘cheat sheet’ Brenna‚Äôs Writing Prompt – Turn in. Corrections activity – Due Friday NewsELA – Choose one article, answer quiz and writing prompt. Due Friday 10th Remembrance Day Newspaper – Read articles, answer questions. Due Tuesday 14th. WE Day activity – Turn in questions today. – inspired activity due tomorrow,… Continue reading Monday, November 5th

Wednesday October 25th

We Day forms need to be returned ASAP. Some students are bringing home homework notes that need to be signed by family and returned to school. Overdue homework is piling up. Ask for help if you are having trouble managing.

Tuesday October 24th

*Was away yesterday, so no agenda message was put up on the website.* Overdue: 1) Math pages 29-30 2) NewsELA articles (2) – quiz and writing 3) Creative Writing (Spider) Me Day Permission Slip – Please sign and return