Numeracy Resources

The list below is by no means comprehensive, and will continue to be filled in as the year goes on.

Mathletics  – A wonderful website that is correlated with our curriculum. Students can practice developing specific skills, or challenge others in solving equations. Each student has a user name and password, which have been taped into their agenda for easy reference. Students in the school with the most online points are awarded at each assembly.

Prodigy – Another math game with ties to curriculum content. Students enjoy this game as it plays much like a Pokemon / Final Fantasy game, where answering math questions helps evolve their animals as well as defeat enemies. Highly motivating, and a good choice if students need a change from Mathletics.

Quick Math (app for iphone / ipad) – Highly recommended app for practicing and mastering all operations, especially multiplication and division). A variety of difficulty levels make it ideal for anyone from beginners to advanced math masters. The game also tracks student progress, which adds to the motivation.